I Wear Blue & Blue Wears Me

It’s like a beautiful sunset in your rearview mirror. When you look ahead, the sun doesn’t grace the sky any longer. The sunset is a final wave goodbye to the day ending and calls you back to reminisce. The colors – red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, and purple, are the memories that keep you up... Continue Reading →

Turning Right

I’m quite aware that what I’m going to share with you is my grieving mind trying too hard to pick up on worldly signs I happen upon to make myself feel better. And I’m not ashamed about it - I needed it. My mom, sister, and I traveled to the city that never sleeps for... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving with a Missing Seat

I am starting to write this post waiting for the clock to hit 4:45 so I can hit the road and drive home for Thanksgiving break. What I’m doing this year is strikingly similar to what I did 365 days ago. The only difference is one person. The only difference is the biggest difference there... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Zafer.

Four months have gone by since I have talked to Zafer. I was fortunate enough to have a phone call with him on the 13th of April and also known as the day “he made a huge error.” We talked about Tucker and his antics, but above all, we talked about how happy he was... Continue Reading →

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